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LightSheer XC Diode Laser System Specifications

Laser Plus Treatments

  • Laser Hair Removal - Diode Laser Lightsheer

  • Lipo-Laser (fat removal, cellulite, skin tightening, body contouring)

  • Stretch Marks Peeling

  • Laser Tattoo Removal - Laser Plus

  • Hyperpigmentation Peeling

  • Acne and Acne Scars Peeling 

  • Anti-aging Peeling

  • Lift Massage - LPG

  • Peelings Laser Plus

  • Anti-Cellulite - LPG

  • Lipomassage LPG

  • Body Contouring/ Body Sculping LPG

  • LPG Sport Massage

  • LPG Scars

  • LPG Post Liposuction

  • LPG Post Maternity 

  • LPG - Heavy Legs

  • Ozone - Anti-oxidant - skin revigorating and refreshing: anti-cellulite, acne, large pores, blackheads, dark circles, eye puffiness, eye bags, anti-aging, skin irritations and infections: herpes simplex, etc. ..

Over Thirty Years of Proven Results

Lightsheer Diode Laser at LASER PLUS

Since its founding in 1998, Laser Plus has offered an unparalleled level of expertise and commitment to their customers.
The LightSheer Diode Laser, cleared by the FDA, exemplifies our goal of continuing to bring you valuable, differentiated treatments backed by solid engineering systems which guarantee efficient results.
At LASER PLUS we use the LightSheer XC Diode Laser System, which is cleared for permanent hair reduction based on prospective clinical studies conducted at leading research centers.** The system was optimized based on results from these studies. The wavelength, long pulse width, large spot size, contact cooling, and compression were chosen to provide the optimal parameters for safety and efficiency.
The technology integrated in the LightSheer diode Laser is the newest innovation in lasers based on semiconductor diode technology. The inherent reliability of these high-powered diodes constitutes a key component of the system.
The supplier, Lumenis, is the world leader in laser hair removal systems. More LightSheer Diode Systems have been delivered than any other system.
Backed by extensive, long-term clinical data, the LightSheer laser’s ability to permanently reduce hair growth has satisfied thousands of patients and their treatment providers world-wide.

LASER PLUS has treated thousands of patients year-round – even during tanning seasons since 1998 until today. Continuous contact cooling and long pulse widths help protect sun-exposed skin (see testimonials on this site) and treatment of all skin types (I-VI)

LightSheer ™ lasers were the first to provide permanent hair reduction using state-of-the-art, high-power diode laser technology.
Cleared for permanent reduction of hair, as well as for treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae, leg veins, and benign pigmented lesions.
It treats all skin types (I-VI), including tanned skin, using aggressive skin cooling and a choice of pulse durations.
Effective on all hair diameters through pulsewidth control, it is highly reliable and is electrically efficient. The patented ChillTip ™ handpiece, with a 12X12 mm square spot, actively cools before, during and after the treatment pulse to protect the epidermis and allow the use of higher treatment energy density. This larger handpiece alows faster treatment of bigger body parts.
Leading research centers have provided clinical data supporting Lightsheer diode laser system treatment specifications. On-going feedback from researchers has optimized the system’s wavelength, pulsewidth selection, large spot size, contact cooling, and compression technique.
Nowadays, Lightsheer diode laser systems still integrate the newest innovation in lasers based on semiconductor diode technology.

The patented ChillTip handpiece represents a breakthrough in patient safety and comfort. It provides superior epidermal protection. Now available at LASER PLUS.


The Lipo Laser at LASER PLUS uses proven L.L.L.T. - low level laser technology to stimulate a fat releasing cascade within the treatment area, melting inches off the waistline immediately and measurably after only a single session. Although not a weight loss treatment, a month long course of sessions followed by exercisw, results in significant targeted reductions in circumference that can be maintained indefinitely with proper diet and by staying physically active.

How this specific Lipo Laser works

Low level lasers have been utilized as effective treatments in fat reduction for several years. The Ultra-low level lasers are released through the treatment pads, creating a chemical signal in the fat cells that breaks down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are released through the cell membranes. Fat content is then transported around the body to tissues where it will be "burned off" during a period of post-treatment recommended exercise.

An LPG Lipomassage after the laser session is ideal because it promotes collagen growth, enhances circulation and attracts oxygen and nutrients - creating alltogether a slimmer tighter target area with smoother looking skin. Vacuum massage is performed after the laser treatment to enhance lymphatic drainage, remove fatty acids from the target area and stimulate skin renewal.

A natural process made better

Exercise creates a demand in our bodies for extra energy. Normally, the body responds to this demand by releasing stored fat content to be used as fuel. This release can be from any stored fat content around the Body. Through the use of low level lasers, this Lipo laser creates a process of photobiomodulation to mimic the body's natural processes, but the laser treatment allows the client to select a target area for fat release before the body even begins exercising.

Independent clinical studies have shown a 1 to 5 cm of Body circumference reduction per session. Packs of 6 to 9 sessions to one area are recommended during a 2-3 week period.

Further treatments might be required according to each case, and can correct diet indulgence or focus on another target area. Nutritional supplements are also recommended to encourage metabolic activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks develop in the skin's middle layer, called the dermis, an elastic layer consisting of fibres known as collagen that allows our skin to snap back into shape. 
When this layer is continuously stretched over a long period of time, the elasticity begins to weaken. 
The skin tries to reinforce itself by increasing the amount of collagen in the overstretched tissue, resulting in the scars we call "stretch marks". The traditional existing treatments in the market for deep and old stretch marks don’t give any convincing results. The cosmetic creams of different formulas, in simple application or under a long occlusion, do not give any significant improvements. In conclusion, potentially active creams are difficult to bear and they don’t produce satisfactory results. No treatment stands out over others and until recently, we could not advise our patients for one treatment or another, which could be effective and/or without danger. The solution for this problem arises thanks to the discovery of the efficiency of our peeling on pathogens like keratoses or acne, which triggered further product application developments and techniques, not to exclude its unique characteristic that it can be applied on the complete cutaneous covering. In addition, the understanding of the stimulating mechanisms of its activity resurged a new effective solution for the stretch marks. This treatment has been successfully used by the experienced experts at LASER PLUS.  

Laser Tattoo Removal

What is Laser tattoo removal ?

Tattoos used to be decorations on the skin, permanent and irreversible. No one knows for sure when the practice of tattooing the skin began, but Egyptian mummies dating from 1300 BC have already shown evidence of blue tattoo marks. A tattoo is achieved by injecting a colored pigment in small insertions made deep into the skin for the purpose. Regardless of who injects the pigment - an artist or an amateur - marks or designs are relatively permanent. However, in recent years, since the early 90's, there were developed laser equipments designed to address selectively the tattoo pigment in most cases without leaving any scar in its place. This is because in reality the laser light does not burn the ink. Instead, it fractures it into small particles which are then removed from the skin by the immune system. The advantage of the new technology is that there is a much lower risk of leaving marks. The expert removes the tattoo, selectively treating the pigment in the ink with a laser beam of high power. Laser treatments have become the standard treatment because they provide a highly effective approach, without bleeding, at a low risk and with minimal side effects. The type of laser used depends on the color of the pigment. In most cases,  multiple treatments are required.


The treatment is not possible in the following areas:

 - very close to the eye,  around or too close to mucosal areas such as the nose or ears

The treatment is safe in any other area, including the following:

 - Treatment in the genital area: The application of Laser for tattoo removal is safe in the pubic area including the reproductive organs of both sexes.

- Treatment nipples (Aureola): The removal of tattoos laser is safe and effective, as well as permanent hair removal in the areola area for both sexes.

- Treatment in areas of skin with hair growth: One of the side effects of tattoo removal is the hair removal / permanent reduction of hair. If you want to remove a tattoo is an area where the hair is desired, it is necessary to draw them, pulling the zone manually (wax, twizers, a.s.o. ..) before treatment. The hairs grow back within 4-6 weeks.

Post-treatment: The surrounding skin of the treated area will be red transiently for a period of 12-24 hours. The treated area may show signs of exfoliation. It is advisable to apply a soothing cream that promotes regeneration and reduces the sensitivity (eg, Aloe). It is inadvisable to apply cosmetics or wet the area within 24 hours following the laser session.


Only a few sessions of peelings are needed to clearly diminish the global pigmentary content of the epidermis and reduce the hyperkeratosis.

The therapeutic topics, which must be applied during the period of regeneration of the skin (6 weeks minimum) following the four peelings permit the dispersion of the melanocytic production, in this way improving the results.

The dyscromies, including the ancient or resistant, progressively improve with the P.R.T.(1).

Acne and Acne Scars

Acne, be it light or serious, resistant or even conglobate, improves with the sessions of the Peeling used at . After a few weeks (1-2-3 sessions), one can appreciate results which would normally require various months with other treatments. It has to be remembered that a patient suffering from acne should continue treatments after the peeling have finished, (with topical treatment mentioned earlier.). Although the same occurs with other treatments even if they are much more aggressive, or potentially toxic (Roaccutane).
The deep acne scars only respond to aggressive treatment such as dermabrasion, phenol or laser. Skins which have suffered acne for a long period of time show many superficial signs which visibly improve after the second “P.R.T.(1) – Medium or Deep”.

Acne, Greasy Skin, Ravaged Skin, Sagging Skin, Warts

At  several types of skin regeneration therapies are available according to one’s needs and desires.
The treatment with High Frequency irradiation is painless. From the electrical discharges directly over the skin surface results an Ozone Film. The well known high oxidation properties of the Ozone produce a cleaning and disinfecting effect. Thus that explains also the good therapeutic success in the treatment of acne and impure skin. Ozone, a kind of super-oxygen, arrives over the skin respiration into the capillary system, which is supplied with additional oxygen. These particular factors explain the good therapeutic effect of the high frequency irradiation with sagging, pale, fatty, impure, enlarged pores skin.
This kind of treatment has a containing-extending, energizing effect as well as an antiseptic effect on the skin surface. The electrode is led some millimetres away from the skin, whereby a jet spark develops between the electrode and the skin tissue. This type of treatment is recommended for the following problems:

Skin that greases very easily

The treatment is led approx. 2 minutes. The treatment is repeated and the results are fantastic.

Ravaged and pale skin

Treatment uses a flat electrode which is led slowly, closely across the skin surface by face and neck. Thus the nervous system is stimulated and the local blood circulation is promoted.

Sagging skin

Treatment follows using the surface electrode driven in a slow circling motion over the skin surface


the treatment with irradiation therapy lasts no longer than 3 minutes. The local blood circulation is promoted by the sparking and the skin is disinfected by ionised air. In certain cases the therapist can apply a damp cloth or fleece between the skin and electrode. The sparks go through the cloth, and the patient feels relaxed.


The open glass electrode is used. A coagulation of the wart will resemble. Warts take approx. 30 seconds long to be coagulated. The procedure is repeated several times. 

Anti-ageing Peeling

P.R.T. – Rejuvenation programmes:

The specific formula of our Peeling allows:
- An exfoliation that generates global phenomena of cutaneous rejuvenation.
- The penetration of the active products which treat, maintain, regenerate and rejuvenate the skin with the aim of carrying out “rejuvenating cycles”.

The results are immediately visible, but they become more apparent after the third session of the first P.R.T. (1).

Light Rejuvenating Programme:
(during a yr cycle)
4 Peeling sessions are to be carried out once a week. An alcohol free specific moisturising cream will be applied between peelings. Therapeutic topical creams during 6 – 12 months. Repetition of the 4 session Peeling might be recommended after 6 months.
Resume the cycle of 4 peeling + therapeutic topical creams every year or twice a year.

This Programme applies to little damaged, little dyschromic and little wrinkled skin.

This program is, above all, a programme for keeping the skin young rather than a rejuvenating programme.

Medium Rejuvenating Programme:
(during a yr cycle)
A normal process of a rejuvenating cycle.
4 Peeling sessions are to be carried out during one month and once a week. An alcohol free specific moisturising cream will be applied between peelings. Therapeutic topical creams are applied for a period of 6 weeks.

A course of a rejuvenating cycle lasts 10 weeks. Then the 4 Peelings are repeated and followed by 6 weeks rest, enabling the patient to benefit from new “rejuvenating cycles”.

An “accelerated” treatment is required for patients who are in a hurry or who have resistant skins:

It consists of 4 Peeling sessions are to be carried out during one month and once a week. An alcohol free specific moisturising cream will be applied on day 1 + day 2 post Peeling and Therapeutic topical creams are applied days 2 to 8 during the period of 6 weeks of the regeneration phase.

The number of “rejuvenating cycles” depend on the required result. The cycles may be repeated until the patient is satisfied with the result. Once the requires result is achieved, the “light programme”, explained above, is then carried out.

Deep Rejuvenating Programme:

The most intensive process of a rejuvenating cycle.
4 Peeling sessions are to be carried out during the course of two months and twice a month. An alcohol free specific moisturising cream will be applied on day 1 and 2 post peeling. Therapeutic topical creams are applied on days 3 to 15 during the 6 weeks of the regeneration period.

The rejuvenating cycle, therefore, lasts twelve weeks and it will be repeated until the patient is satisfied. The results are maintained using the “light programme” described above.


The Progressive Rejuvenating Treatment integrates perfectly with the new concept of the Peeling used at .
The repetition of the Peelings associated to the application of Therapeutic topical pos-peeling creams:

1. Determine an intense process of dermo-epidermic regeneration
2. Regularly reduce and distribute the global charge of melanin of the skin – recreating an even overall skin tone
3. It adapts to all skin types and any season of the year
4. It is non toxic and is void of important or permanent side effects
5. It progressively accumulates the results till it finally reaches the desired state
6. The maintenance is obtained

The Progressive Rejuvenating Treatments are extremely stress-free and allow a global approach to the problems of photo-ageing of the most visible parts of the body.

Lift Massage - LPG


                                            Lipomassage LPG &  Body Sculping/Body Contouring

Slimming Activation

Use Lipomassage to permanently eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting. After six sessions lasting 35 minutes each, you will see visible results on your figure, losing fat where you wan
ted it gone!

Four Beauty Goals
Do you have cellulite? 
Do you store stubborn fat, despite a healthy lifestyle? 
Do you want to reshape your body and keep your skin firm? 
Do you want to regain your figure after pregnancy? 
Are you going through menopause, but don't want to undergo the hormonal changes that thicken the waist, back, and arms?

Do you have love handles? 
Do you store stubborn fat, despite a healthy lifestyle? 
Are you losing weight, and you want to sculpt your body? 
Have you lost weight, and you want to keep your skin firm and elastic?

Slim down fatt cells
Do you have localized, unsightly curves (saddlebags, a tummy, large thighs, etc.), and when you lose weight, you never lose it where you want to? Rest assured, Lipomassage can target localized fat and act where you really need it! The balance between the production and elimination of fat is a natural process involving fat cells. Despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, the process of storing fat tends to increase over time. LPG Action: LPG’s mechanical Roll stimulation triggers deep biological responses and thus reactivates the elimination of fat (lipolysis). Results: Fat is removed more easily, and your figure is visibly refined. Your curves disappear, especially where you want to lose it.

Acceleration of lipolysis : +50%*
* LAFONTAN M.: Evaluation of the effects of LPG® Technique on lipolysis and gene expression using respectively microdialysis and DNA microarray technologies. Clinical Investigation Center, Toulouse Hospital, France. Research Report 2009.

Smooth Cellulite
Cellulite, a true nightmare for some, affects nearly 90% of women! And as if that weren't enough, cellulite areas remain totally unaffected by even the most strictest diets and physical exercise. It results from both excess fat in fat cells and retained water all around it. By growing larger, the fat cells deform the skin envelope, thus causing an orange peel effect. LPG Action: LPG's mechanical Roll stimulation can soften tissue and decompartmentalize fatty cells. Results: The skin is smoother and softer, and cellulite gradually and permanently disappears! Cellulite surface reduced by 20%*
* ORTONNE JP.: Treatment of cellulite: Effectiveness and sustained effect at 6 months with Endermologie® demonstrated by several quantitative evaluation methods. Nouv. Dermatol. 2004;23:261-269

Firm the skin
Weight changes, pregnancy, or age the skin gradually loses its firmness and its flexibility. Although sagging skin affects the entire body, some areas are more sensitive to it, including the inner thighs, the tummy, and the arms. This phenomenon is explained by the slower production of elastin and collagen fibers by the fibroblasts. The skin then loses its substance, and signs of aging appear. LPG Action: LPG Rolls combined with sequential stimulations act at the core of the fibroblast and activate the production of these essential support fibers (collagen and elastin). Results: Redensified in depth, the skin becomes visibly firmer and toned! Skin redensification: +240%*

* LAFONTAN M.: Evaluation of the effects of LPG® Technique on lipolysis and gene expression using respectively microdialysis and DNA microarray technologies. Clinical Investigation Center, Toulouse Hospital, France. Research Report 2009.

Resculp the Skin
Slimming down is nice, but keeping curves and harmonious volume is even better! Affected areas are usually the hips, stomach, and especially the buttocks (flat or uneven)! Volume is often not symmetrical, and curves lack shape. LPG Action: LPG Roll can reshape your figure precisely and in a specific location. Volume is rebalanced to restore the body's ideal shape. Results:Contours and curves are reshaped, and your figure becomes harmonious.

Anti-oxidant treatment of tissue oxygenation - ozone -

High frequency

Lifting effect without surgery, an anti-oxidant to regenerate, reinvigorate and refresh the skin

Curative action and sedative through ozone generated by high frequency currents. The healing and sedative actions of high frequency currents are known since D'Arsonval introduced its use in medical practice.

In the aesthetic practice its used for the purposes of: skin cleansing, moisturizing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, improve complexion, firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne treatment, post-peeling, folliculitis, rash and irritation / skin infections, reducing puffiness/ eye bags and dark circles, preventing and stopping hair loss.

The treatment is based on electromagnetic waves traversing electrodes generating a neon, argon or Chenon light that in contact with the skin produces ozone. Ozone - O3 is a super-oxigen, it consists of concentrated oxygen from atmospheric air.

Its effects by contacting the skin are:

  • increased blood flow

  • stimulates the immune system (is of great efficiency in combating invading microorganisms)

  • increases the skin temperature (hyperthermia), vasodilatation producing oxygen and nutrition to the skin

  • The bacteriostatic and bactericidal action has also virucidal (which can destroy the power of infectious virus) and is also fungicidal

  • increases the O2 absorption capacity of the erythrocytes (they are the most numerous cells in blood)

  • reduces cellulite providing oxygen and stimulating the process of toxins elimination

  • it reduces dark circles and puffiness of the eyes in that stimulates lymph and blood circulation

  • it stops and prevents hair loss by stimulating hair follicles. Precisely the lack of local blood micro-circulation is the main cause of hair loss

  • closes the pores

  • promotes tissue healing

  • tissue regeneration by increasing the average number of fibroblasts

  • improves the skin complexion generating its thightening

  • allows microcirculation of the devitalized skin
  • cauterizes the pustules and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi in acne treatments

  • Eliminates the acne, pustules, blackheads and pimples destroying bacteria

  • The ozone acts as an anti-oxidant

  • produces the sterilization of the treated areas

  • improves the metabolism integrally

  • acts in the detoxification of tissues

  • The physiological effects: this bio oxidant therapy is indicated for the treatment of wounds as not only it  has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal action, it also promotes the proliferation of granulation tissue such as it heals:

  • Chronic Injuries  (diabetic foot ulcerations vasculogenical, ulcers and bacterial infections fungal and viral (herpes simplex and herpes zoster

  • the dermatological pathologies: acne, eczema and psoriasis

  • The Acute lesions (ulcers after flebitic, infected injuries, etc.)

the hemostatic (stops bleeding and aids in the healing site)


1. Q: Is the Ozon Treatment with high frequency painful?

A: It's completely painless, some people experience a mild tingling sensation in the first minutes.

2nd. Q: How many sessions are required?

A: To show its effectiveness it requires at least 10 sessions. The application time is about 10 to 15 minutes.

3rd. Q: Are there contraindications?

A: There are the following contraindications: cardiac pacemakers, pregnancy, patients with disturbances of sensation, metallic implant on site, hemorrhagic areas, skin with flammable cosmetics.

4th. Q: How much do the sessions cost?

A: A single session costs from 10 € to 25 € per 10-15 Min. session, depending on the size of the affected area. Packs of 10 sessions are available with 10% reduction from 90 € to 225 € and 15% discount - 20 sessions from 170 € to 425 €.



Benign warts are caused by superficial skin infection, where the region is subjected to repeated trauma, for example, where the nails are withdrawn cuticles. The warts that grow around the nails are called "common warts" and manifested by hyperkeratosis. They are caused by a virus belonging to the family human papillomavirus (HPV) types HPV 1,2,4,26-29 8.9, is considered an opportunistic infection.

The aim of this study was to verify the performance of the high-frequency generator in a case of verruca vulgaris nail.

There were made 3 daily sessions of Ozone of 15 min. each for 3 months, totaling 252 applications.

Post application of the three months protocol, there was a complete tissue regeneration at the injury site (improving trophism) and the yellowish appearance always present in the nail, disappeared. There were no sequelae deforming injury (unsightly nails).


For this study, we conclude that the High Frequency was effective for this condition, with low cost of investment and maintenance, ease of application and it presented important clinical outcomes: no keratolytic action, without toxicity and it was totally painless.

Revista de Especialização em Fisioterapia. Vol 1 – nr 2 – out/nov/dez – 2007

Valéria Cristina Cabral de Barros, 2Vilma Natividade da Silva Santos, 3Fábio Borges dos Santos

Programa de Pós Graduação Latu Sensu em Fisioterapia da Universidade Gama Filho – Belo Horizonte – MG

Fisioterapeuta, especialista em Fisiologista, mestre em Cirurgia Plástica pela UNIFESP

Fisioterapeuta, Mestre em Ciências Pedagógicas, docente da Universidade Estácio de Sá – RJ e Universidade Iguaçu – RJ